Real-Time Data for Instant Decisions

At the heart of Med Tech Match is a powerful live update feature, providing real-time data as devices capture measurements. Our system ensures that you’re never a step behind, offering instant visibility into the status and performance of your devices. Witness data as it unfolds, from heart rate and oxygen saturation to blood pressure readings – all updated live for the most accurate and timely decision-making.

Effortless API Integration

Leverage the power of Med Tech Match’s API to bring live data into your own system with minimal effort. Our API is designed for easy integration, allowing you to tap into a continuous stream of information without the hassle. From blood pressure cuffs to pulse oximeters, our comprehensive API feeds data directly into your dashboard, enabling you to maintain a complete overview. This seamless integration empowers you to focus on what truly matters – the health and well-being of your patients. With data organized by date, IMEI, device type, and more, you’ll have all the details at your fingertips – battery levels, device status, signal strength, and the exact measurements taken from your suite of medical devices.


We have a simple & efficient system for end-to-end data exchange, device management, and data traffic calculating. Each data point sent is encrypted end to end using mutual authentication. We strictly comply with the HIPAA & FDA rules.